Do You Suffer From This Curse?

As presenters and seminar leaders we have expertise in a particular topic, and as experts we face a challenge when trying to teach or communicate with those who don’t know what we know.

We suffer from the Curse of Knowledge. We know things that others don’t and we assume that other people know the things that we do. We can’t unlearn what we’ve learned and we can’t go back to a time when we didn’t know what we know now.

We’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have this knowledge, and that makes it hard to [Read more…]


How Do You Handle a Restless Audience?

It’s one of those dreaded speaking situations:  the restless audience.

Why do attendees become restless?

  • it’s almost lunchtime and their stomachs are grumbling
  • you’re boring them
  • they’ve already heard 5 speakers before you
  • they have other things on their agenda they want to get to

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Stop Working So Hard

At the end of one of my workshops, Derek, a trainer and coach at a telecom company exclaimed, “I’ve been reborn. I’m a whole new presenter now!”

What had triggered this “aha” moment?

Derek had gained some new perspectives that had impacted the way he saw himself at the front of the room. The old Derek assumed that when he took on the responsibility of leading a training session or giving a presentation that it was his job to [Read more…]