A Better Elevator Pitch

Do you ever go to networking events where you are given 30 seconds to present your “elevator pitch”? I’m not fond of the word but you may already know what it means based on its widespread use. Your elevator pitch is your opportunity to describe what you do in as succinct a manner as possible — in the time it would take  you to ride the elevator with someone. As you listen to others deliver theirs, consider how many actually stand out as being interesting and memorable. How many of them actually engage you? [Read more…]


There are Many Paths to Glory

There are ideas trapped in the minds of your employees. What, specifically, are you doing during meetings, presentations, and training sessions in order to tap into this goldmine?

The participants in your sessions — your staff — are hands-on front line handling everyday situations. They see it all, and as a result, they most likely have suggestions that can improve productivity, efficiency, quality, costs, and sales.

Engage, encourage, empower. [Read more…]


How to Demotivate Those Around You

As a leader, whether it’s in a temporary position at the front of a room or more permanently as a member of a management team, we have a responsibility to keep those around us engaged in the moment, in their work, and in their organization. How we communicate is a key contributor to employee engagement and its cousin [Read more…]


Let’s Rethink Participation at Our Meetings

“No one participates.” This is a common complaint that leaders often have about the meetings they lead. Is this problem happening at your meetings too?

You probably have a good understanding of the word participation, but let’s begin with [Read more…]


Not Enough Creative Brainstorming at Your Meetings?

You probably don’t have to stretch your imagination very far in order to picture yourself and your meeting attendees sitting around a boardroom table in a room with no windows, drab grey walls, and poor ventilation. This setting is a recipe for “boardroom table roadblock” when it comes to eliciting creative ideas and innovative problem-solving. When was the last time you were inspired by a setting such as [Read more…]