Creating Your Engaging Talks and Workshops — LIVE Bootcamp

Delivering a live training session or presentation may only be one responsibility among the many that the subject matter experts, managers, or supervisors in your organization have.

So when it is necessary for them to share their expertise and develop the skills and knowledge of others by conducting training in front of a group, most tend to use the “spray and pray” technique. Translation: spray the audience with information and pray it sticks. Does that sound familiar?

What result is your organization getting from these training efforts? Are your employees really engaged, encouraged, and empowered? Do they perform better back on the job after these sessions?

Take it a step further. Can your organization afford to re-train staff because the initial training was ineffective? Consider the costs associated with the training, the facilities, and the materials. Consider the lost employee productivity. Consider the waste of time and effort.

We can customize our Creating Your Engaging Talks and Workshops — LIVE Bootcamp (previously named the The Occasional Trainer Bootcamp) for your organization. Your subject matter experts, trainers, managers, and supervisors will be better able to

  • present effective participant-centered training sessions that are appropriate for their groups
  • engage employees in the learning process right from the beginning of a session
  • encourage trainee development, creativity, and problem-solving abilities through interactive activities and effective questioning techniques
  • empower participants to apply their new or enhanced skills and knowledge immediately and back on the job
  • increase learning “stickiness”

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