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Do you believe you have expertise worth sharing?

Do you believe there are people who want to learn from your expertise and are willing to pay for it?

What if I told you that you can lead workshops and talks easily and confidently — sessions that ensure your attendees learn, remember, and use what you’re teaching them?

Maybe you’ve already given a few sessions, but struggle to engage your audiences and get them to take the next step.

You can create raving fans, who love your sessions, come running back to sign up for more, and refer you to others!!

I can help.

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Individual Coaching and VIP Days

Engaging Talks and Workshops Online Program

3 Reasons Speakers, Coaches, & Experts Love Booking Ida Shessel for One-on-One Coaching!


1.  Experienced Instructional Designer, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author

Ida is the creator of the Engaging Talks and Workshops Road Map as well as the Engaging Talks and Workshops Programs that teach people just like you how to design talks, workshops, and seminars that ensure attendees are engaged, learning, remembering, and implementing. She has many years of experience teaching adult education at the community college level as well as train-the-trainer programs for an award-winning seminar company. She is also the author of five books including Communicate Like a Top Leader.

2. Immediate Application

Ida takes a client-centered approach, focusing on your specific workshop needs. She challenges you to grow beyond your current stage of development and is passionate about guiding you to apply what you learn immediately. Her 5-step debriefing process is a key element of her work with you.

3. Easy to Work With

In these sessions, Ida works one-on-one with you, diving deeper into the issues that are important to you. Ida gives you answers, guidance, and support — and a 5-step road map that ensures you engage, encourage, and empower your attendees! She can work with you in a variety of ways: over the telephone, using Skype or Zoom, or in person (VIP days).

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