Using Memory Techniques to Making Learning Stick

In this age of instant information, does it matter if you or the people in your organization can’t recall information about your company and its products, services, customers, policies, or procedures?  Of course, it does!

Every task or interaction we engage in depends on our ability to draw from our memory banks.

On the job, poor memory can effect credibility, reputation, advancement opportunities, and sales, as well as flexibility and responsiveness to everyday situations.

What if

  • the people in your sessions could learn your information faster?
  • re-training could be reduced or even eliminated?
  • more of the information you taught actually stuck?

In this session, you will experience some of the brain training strategies memory athletes use to win competitions — and no, they’re not party tricks. You’ll discover how to use these strategies in training design and delivery to train people faster and more effectively, and increase their retention — giving you more time to focus on helping your attendees apply what you’re teaching them.

By the end of this full-day interactive workshop, you’ll be better able to

  • describe how memory works
  • use a variety of techniques to file information into your memory (and retrieve it)
  • incorporate memory techniques into the design of workshops, training sessions, and presentations

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What Participants in Ida’s Sessions Have Said

I was told you would improve my memory in 30 minutes and I thought “yeah, right!” I am pleasantly surprised by the results and what I learned.
Melissa Volchok, Los Angeles

Loved the information! Can’t wait to use the techniques.
Jennifer Kennedy, Rotary International

Fantastic — a thoughtfully prepared presentation. I was surprised how well I did with the memory exercise. These techniques work.
Jean Franzblau, Jean Franzblau Consulting