What does “Engage, Encourage, Empower” mean to you? Recently, I was asked to clarify this tag line that appears throughout my websites, books, and training materials.

“Engage, Encourage, Empower” has been my guiding principle throughout the many years that I have been training, speaking, and coaching. Here are my definitions.

EngageOrchestrating participation

Engage people in thought, in conversation, and in action.

In a teaching setting, this means stimulating participation through questions and activities that motivate learning, provoke thought, enhance creativity, invite reflection, solve problems, and exchange insights. People have so much to offer and we gain so much through interacting with others. As a colleague once remarked, “We are all diamonds in the rough. We become polished by rubbing up against each other.”

When I am leading group sessions, I see it as my responsibility to orchestrate learning — in the same way as a symphony conductor or band leader brings together or engages the various musicians and instruments to create a musical piece.


Encourage involves being a cheerleader and challenging our learners to try things outside their comfort zone. It involves using the “Yes and” attitude adopted from the world of improvisational theater. With a “Yes and” attitude, we intentionally look for the value in every situation. We can then move that situation forward by adding on or modifying until the desired end result is attained. The same holds true in a learning setting, where we can encourage our learners to move forward and to try new things — while at the same time reassuring them that they are going to be successful. How can we ensure their success? With the next part of the motto: “Empower”.


Empowering learners during workshops and group coaching sessions takes the engaging and the encouraging a step further by giving them the tools to their success. The tools we provide can be in the form of step-by-step systems, templates, checklists, attitudes, forums, and so on. We prepare them by giving them practice and feedback so that they can venture out with some degree of confidence to solve their problems and develop their skills even further.

Adopt the “Engage, Encourage, Empower” Attitude

Feel free to adopt this motto — and before you lead a workshop, webinar, teleseminar, or group coaching session, plan how you can enhance the learning experience for your participants by engaging, encouraging, and empowering them.

In the comment area below, share your perspectives on what “Engage, Encourage, Empower” means to you.