Speak Human

Written by ida

April 30, 2012

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.
William Butler Yeats

Leading people requires communicating with them – about organizational goals, special projects, sales, work assignments, and so on. Presenting to your employees is not about taking a simple idea and shrouding it in the complex language of seven-syllable words so that no one knows what you are talking about. It is also not about intimidating your employees with language that supposedly elevates you even further above them. Consider that the greatest philosophies are worded simply, yet convey so much meaning.

There is no prize for the person who takes simple ideas and makes them as convoluted as possible. However, the winner is the person who can take complicated ideas and simplify them into plain language, ensuring everyone can understand. My research has shown that listeners appreciate speakers who

•    can communicate a simple message that everyone understands
•    speak with honesty
•    speak in language that is jargon-free
•    have a crisp clear communication style
•    don’t manipulate an audience through propaganda

Habitually using language that is both precise and concise will make your communication easier for your listeners to digest, understand, and – most importantly – implement. Isn’t that really what you’re looking for?

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