What’s Improv Got to Do With You?

Written by ida

May 11, 2011

Have you ever studied improvisational theater? Improv — like Second City or “Whose Line is It, Anyways?”

Are you thinking, “Why would I? I don’t want to be an actor, and besides, I’m not funny.” If so, I’d like to share a secret with you.

Life is improv.  Every day, we are called upon to improvise, to respond to the ever-changing and unrehearsed situations going on around us.

The actors on stage are actually doing the very same thing. If improv seems mysterious to you, here’s a surprise. It’s not about quick wit and great timing.  The improvisers in the scene are working together using an underlying set of principles, and interestingly enough, the very same principles essential for making the scene successful come into play in every day life – in a big way.

Whether it’s a big or small success you’re striving for – at college or university, in business, or in a relationship – improv training teaches you to

  • think-on-your-feet
  • innovate
  • listen with focus
  • problem-solve and negotiate creatively
  • lead or support the actions of others

If we can share a laugh along the way, so much the better, but as you can see, improv is not necessarily about “acting” or trying to be funny.

It’s about getting what you want out of life by putting on the “improv hat”, using the techniques successful improvisers use to help them pay attention to their surroundings, respond supportively to others, and act constructively.

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