What Does Your Workshop or Talk Have in Common With a 12-Inch Pizza?

Ding dong! There goes the doorbell.

You eagerly run to open the door for the pizza delivery guy.

You quickly tip him, and with great anticipation, you hurry to the kitchen table with your steaming pizza…

You open the box. Yum…a big 12-inch mushroom and cheese pizza!

What do you do next?

Do you pick up the entire pie and start eating?

Not if your mother taught you any manners!!

Luckily, your pizza is already pre-sliced…


Because your favorite pizza place knows that it’s easier and a whole lot less messy to eat your mushroom and cheese pizza one slice at a time…

Well, your talk, workshop, or retreat session is no different…

When you’re first getting started planning your session, the task can seem like a big gooey mess…

Where do you start?

What topics should you cover?

How do you get people to sign up for your session?

What’s the best way to get your key points across?

How do you make a personal connection with your audience?

How should you divide up your time?

What’s the best way to engage your audience members?

How do you get them to sign up for more of your sessions?

Just like eating a pizza, it’s easier and a lot less messy to work on your session one slice at a time…

If you want a road map that takes you slice-by-slice through the design of your workshop, talk, or retreat session, then…

Our online program Creating Your Engaging Talks and Workshops is for you!

Get all the details here.

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